Registration simply consists of submitting a little bit of information about your business or website and confirming your email address. After a quick review, your ad is displayed across the entire Manna Network on all member’s websites.

After registration, a customer may become a member (for free) by installing our free web directory script on their website. That enables that site to advertise all our customers and members there in the organized web directory on its own page on the new site. It is maintenance free and managed by Manna Network. An immediate benefit is the installer gets to be their own first customer and receive a 50% commission/rebate on their own purchases for better placement in the network.

The site itself does not receive registrations but offers up the following list of our agents websites where new customers can register. Please note that there are “members” and “agents”.

The “agents” are main nodes in the network that provide live data to the plugin and script for display on the member’s websites. The agents are also the home of the advertiser’s dashboard (where advertisers can add additional ads, edit/cancel ads and bid for better placement.

The “members” are websites that have installed either the WordPress Plugin or the PHP Script. Since they only display the advertisers on their websites, all registrations originating from them are completed at an agent site (sic. at the agent they registered at themselves).

Advertisers can register at either type and it makes no difference to the advertising they will receive from the network. It affects only who will get commissions on any fees they optionally choose to pay and where the advertiser goes to login to their Advertiser Dashboard.


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