The Manna Network is the first-of-its-kind co-operative ad network and is designed to provide better and longer-term compensation to web content creators!

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The Manna Network is a Bitcoin-only (BitcoinSV) co-op using the first-of-its-kind co-operative ad network as it’s business model. As you may know, the Bitcoin space has been going through it’s adolescent phase and, since we are positioning Manna Network to be a major player in the next phase of Bitcoin (i.e. being able to EARN it), the Bitcoin divisions on direction and vision of what it is supposed to be have been a delay but we’ve not wasted the time and used it to better develop the business model (as explained below).

The ad network business is dominated by Google (with it’s Adsense division accounting for 40% of its ad revenue) so we are talking about an enterprise in the tens (if not hundreds) of billions of dollars. Google has it’s Archille’s heel (we believe) and the co-operative business structure will be a key in exposing their problems and we believe the ad network industry is perfect for the co-operative approach.

Website operators all generate traffic and have a very broad distribution curve (when it comes to the amount of traffic they produce). Manna Network provides similar benefits to them that the M.L.S. delivers to the real estate industry. At it’s forming, the real estate industry was like the current website operator space with a highly fragmented host of individual brokers all keeping their listings “close to the vest”. At it’s inception, many were reluctant and distrustful to turn their listings over to the M.L.S. “co-op” but the development of the “exclusive” listing agreement provided the legal framework for developing the win-win-win arrangement that the M.L.S. turned out to be. Manna Network brings a similar win-win-win arrangement to website operators and content producers.

The cooperative structure also provides web traffic to its members at wholesale prices. This low-cost, non main-stream approach also provides an alternative or complementary web traffic acquisition system as S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media

The Cooperative

Manna Network aims to provide a new paradigm in the web advertising field. Our software pools and aggregates the web traffic from lots of website operators of all sizes (i.e. thus forming a producer co-op). Then, it enables each website to operate as an agent to sell the product (thus creating it’s own marketing co-op from among the producers).

Our compensation system focuses on the long-term by paying site operators for as long as their customers remain AND for the growth they generate for the cooperative (our members are those that install the free software). The software generates a feature for their website (a complete [with categories, links, management etc.] Yellow Pages type web directory on their website [effortless, maintenance free for the hosting site operators]). They get to offer their visitors absolutely free advertising across the entire network. Advertisers then can optionally use our proprietary bidding system to purchase better positions. All fees they pay are shared with the hosting site in a perpetual manner for as long as the customer remains. That is long-term compensation plan #1. The second long-term compensation plan derives from that attribute of websites previous mentioned (where every customer is a potential member). We pay the hosting site operators over-rides on the earnings of any of their customers that become members and join the co-op (sharing the reward that every new member also provides the coop and it’s advertisers with their addional web traffic and marketing).

The commission system thus pays the operator/marketer for the long-term customer value that they bring into the co-op. This long-term customer value is extremely valuable because of the nature of the product. Since the co-op markets it’s one-and-only product to only website operators, we know each customer is also a producer and have an opportunity to offer our free software to them and recruit them as a new member. Each customer is a very valuable potential member. It is a self-feeding mechanism.