The Opportunity

Turning Trash Into A Resource

As the above report shows (see this link for an up-to-date version), 67.1% of websites do NOT participate in any of the top 100 ad networks and are wasting their opportunity to monetize their web traffic! Are you in that group?

Ours is a completely new paradigm of ad network! It is the first-of-its-kind co-operative ad network! The big question is what percent of that 67.1% would be interested in giving a new system a try? Is the reason they don’t participate the result of a major failure of the incumbents to take care of the content producers and give them their just compensation? Our system compensates them with both short-term and long-term compensation, rewarding them for the growth to the co-op that their content generates!

Putting The Data In Context


Would you like to help shed some light on the W3Tech report? Please take a minute to answer the following questions about your use of ad networks.

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