Benefits To Advertisers

The benefit to the advertiser is obvious – they register at the charity but are advertised across the entire network (The Manna Network is just one part of that larger network – The Open Directory Project 2.Pro). They initially are able to register and advertise for free (no time limits). The ODP2.Pro network depends upon […]

What Does Manna Have To Do With Websites?

Just as manna was provided without any input from the recipients, The Manna Network system enables charities to glean income from what was often otherwise wasted (so it might seem like it came from nowhere). A simple, free, easy to install app on their website enables them to sell web advertising across a fast growing […]

Where It Gets It’s Name?

In the Hebrew Bible, manna is described in Exodus 16:1–36 and once again in Numbers 11:1–9. In the Book of Exodus, manna is described as being “a fine, flake-like thing” like the frost on the ground.] It is described in the Book of Numbers as arriving with the dew during the night. A gift from “nowhere” is often said to be “like […]

What Is The Manna Network?

The Manna Network is a tool for charities, ministries, non-profits, civic groups etc. to operate in a totally new paradigm of fundraising! While it is common for those groups to sell chocolates, or cookies or even raffle tickets to raise funds, The Manna Network enables them to sell web advertising (effortlessly from their own website […]