Developers, Designers, Hosting Companies, SEO, Magazines, Advertisers, Marketers Wanted

Manna Network is a B2B advertising system actively looking to partner with businesses that are belly-to-belly with the website operator.

We provide all those business partners with a great WIN-WIN product for THEIR customers:

  1. A free gift they can give to every one of their customers in the form of free advertising across our whole network!
  2. A free, additional e-commerce product line both our partner and their customer can operate practically effortlessly!
  3. A free feature for our member’s websites that their visitors will find pleasant, enjoyable and (very important) private (no tracking)!
  4. A safe, easy, profitable way for businesses to learn their way around the new and exciting crypto currency world!

We are seeking especially web developers, designers and programmers!

The Manna Network code that members install on their sites is released open sourced. As a general rule, the best software is built by developers that use it regularly and we want our developers to also be active members earning money and getting their customers more web traffic promoting Manna Network!

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