Resources The Manna Network is an open sourced project with a small, reserved, centrally managed proprietary portion that manages accounting, payments, escrows, commissions, advertisement prioritization and ordering, collating etc. The managed data is then distributed to the open source community for display to their site visitors. Each Open Source node operates independently but also collaborates with the other open sourced nodes. The Manna Network operates with an Open Business Model.

Multi-Stakeholder Cooperative  The Manna Network is the first of its kind co-operative ad network owned by the website operators who’s web content and web traffic are what built it. At the same time, however, those members also become customers of the co-op’s traffic. Buyers and sellers often have conflicting interests. A “multi-stakeholder cooperative” attempts to bring parties with such conflicts together into an understanding

Massachusetts Business Trusts The Manna Network is operated as a business trust (as opposed to a corporation). It fits well with the idea of members owning the company and the co-operative model.

Co-op Law

Why BitcoinSV? “Bitcoin” is a relatively young concept (started in 2009) and experienced “growing pains” that resulted in divisions within its ranks on how to fix those problems. It resulted in a breakaway (and then another) as the disagreements couldn’t be reconciled. These other groups were known as “forks” because they made changes to the code (to fix the problems) which made it incompatible with those that didn’t fix the problem (the BTC version). Of these two forks, the BSV version (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision) seems the most compatible and fitting for use with the Manna Network.  That is the current decision but our settlement layer could change the version of cryptocurrency with little interruption if conditions warrant it.

How To get BitcoinSV Manna Network is currently operating in “Demo Mode” (so it is not requiring or accepting BitcoinSv at this time). But when we do open it up to real bidding-for-placement with BitcoinSv (instead of the free Demo Coin we issue for bidding with during demo) then advertisers will need to bid with BitcoinSv. We don’t know when that will be but advertisers shouldn’t wait and should at least “dabble” with Bitcoin before that.

Manna Network Is A “Two-Sided Market” Our system provides a way for web site operators to get more web traffic (that is one side) while, at the same time, enabling web site operators with a better way to monetize their web traffic (the second side). The really UNIQUE thing in all this is that very often it is the same web site operator on each side! They are able to receive different web traffic from the web traffic that leaves their site when they monetize it! That aspect is different enough to get confusing. To make it simple, experience the first side by registering. then (optionally) experience the second side by installing our free script.

Google’s Ad Network

How Google Edged Out Rivals and Built the World’s Dominant Ad Machine: A Visual Guide The U.S. is investigating whether the tech giant has abused its power, including as the biggest broker of digital ad sales across the web

How Google Interferes With Its Search Algorithms and Changes Your Results The internet giant uses blacklists, algorithm tweaks and an army of contractors to shape what you see

Methodology: How the Journal Carried Out Its Analysis The Wall Street Journal compiled and compared auto-complete and organic search results on Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo.

Push-back about tracking is growing The new Edge browser is just one example of a growing sentiment among web users to block tracking. This article reports 1 out of 4 of the ads blocked were Google ads.

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