Users get to pick their own participation levels depending on whether they just want to receive web traffic, earn Bitcoin with the web traffic from their own website or a combination of both.


Customer Level –

  • Receive free advertising across the entire Manna Network simply by registering! No strings attached, no expiration.
  • Afterwards (and at your option) bid for better placement at whatever location criteria you select (everything from global to your local city).
  • For a limited time, new customers receive free “demo coin” that they can use to “bid for better placement”.

Member Level –

  • Members have installed the free Manna Network script that helps display and advertise our customers.
  • All members are, themselves, customers so they are cooperatively advertising each other (as well as the non-member customers) on each of their own websites.
  • Members earn Bitcoin from the advertising fees that customers optionally choose to pay for better placement.
  • Members can easily re-invest their earnings to buy better placement for their own websites
  • Members receive their paid better placement at wholesale rates.
  • The free membership level script comes in the form of either a WordPress plugin (a five minute install) or a PHP script (slightly longer).

Enterprise Level –

  • This level is designed for professionals in the Internet business such as web designers, web developers, hosting companies, SEO specialist, web advertising specialist etc.
  • Requires slightly more elaborate hosting for the software.
  • A licensing fee may apply.


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