Crypto Only

The OpenDirectoryProject2.Pro only sells its web traffic for BitcoinSv (a crypto currency and one of three ‘forks’ of the original Bitcoin protocol). Adopting of this “Bitcoin only” policy has been problematic in some ways but it also includes a lot of unique marketing and adoption opportunities. Since our advertising product is an almost universal purchase by businesses means the almost assured rush of Bitcoin adoption by businesses places The OpenDirectoryProject2.Pro right in the middle of both a massive market for our product along with being a provider of Bitcoin experience and knowledge to our customers (i.e. the businesses). While accepting Bitcoin ourselves seemed a good move, going to the extra step of “Bitcoin-only” was a totally different issue.

While businesses all operate under and within regulations, the rules for traditional businesses using traditional money and payment methods are pretty well settled. They have used these systems for centuries in many cases.

Since the only currency that The OpenDirectoryProject2.Pro uses is Bitcoin, then it “may” avoid some of those tripwires (but, too, maybe not). The point isn’t to avoid regulation to do something nefarious but to avoid regulation because the regulators don’t know how to treat crypto currency. Some agencies rule it is a commodity; others have ruled it is cash. But many of those regulatory agencies have to get involved as soon as the first ‘dollar” is accepted by a business and if that business also accepts crypto then there is now much more complexity and confusion.Being “Bitcoin-only” helps avoid alot of confusion and lets us focus on delivering the best product possible for our customers and the best service to our clients and members (to which the laws and regulators would agree to).

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