The Path Going Forward

Manna Network is in Alpha and is only partially operational. While we are building it all out, customers and members will be able to operate in “demo mode”. Currently, new advertisers can 1) Register (for free as will always be the case) 2) Their ad/link will be distributed to the entire Manna network and displayed on all sites with our script installed 3) They can bid for better placement using free “Demo Coin” we issue to every new advertiser which will move their listing ahead of all non-paying but senior advertisers 4) They can download and install their own free Manna Network web directories on their own site and start earning additional “Demo Coin” from sites they register.

Here is how Demo Mode works:

1) Every new customer/advertiser will receive a certain amount of free “Demo Coins” that they can then use to bid for better placement. We intend to provide enough of a supply of Demo Coins to enable the customer to acquire a position ahead of all previous non-paying advertisers for a period of about six weeks. All that is required to be displayed ahead of all non-paying advertisers is to buy the lowest “price slot” offered on the bidding page.

The spending of Demo Coins by advertisers will help test our bidding and accounting systems. Each “purchase” results in the payment of Demo Coin commissions to our members just like the future BitcoinSv payment system will.

2) As all the code and features are rolled out (such as the reports, the Member-To_Member Exchange, Direct Member Redemption, etc) we will reach a point where the bidding in Demo Coin is functioning smoothly and we will roll out the exact same system alongside it that operates in BitcoinSV.

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