Use Of Crypto Currency

The OpenDirectoryProject2.Pro uses cryptocurrency as the exclusive payment method and there is never any government or “fiat” currency ever exchanged between The OpenDirectoryProject2.Pro and the members nor between The OpenDirectoryProject2.Pro and the customers. This is obviously a rare if not innovative policy. There are a number of reasons for this decision but in the fast moving and ever-changing crypto currency world the list might be added to or deleted from at any time.

Pros of Using Crypto Currency

  • Global Money – Any website operator or cell phone owner can join us as a member (site operator) or affiliate (phone owner) from anywhere in the world but not all of them have access to banking. By using BitcoinSv as the payment currency, they can simply create a wallet in a number of ways and both receive payments for their earnings and also be able to spend them at an ever larger list of merchants, businesses and services that accept crypto currency.
  • Low Cost – BitcoinSV is the last of the two forks from the Bitcoin system and is the most devoted to maintaining low cost and fast transactions.
  • Immutable Accounting – the blockchain is said to be the world’s first “triple entry accounting system”. As such, it acts as an accounting system between the trust and the members.
  • Merchant Adoption – One of the best user cases for crypto is as a replacement for the 50 plus year old credit card technology. As we all have heard, the credit card system creates a honey pot for hackers at every company that stores the user’s info. Credit cards were designed before the Internet was even conceived while Bitcoin was designed to be like cash for the Internet. Bitcoin doesn’t store any personal information. It is also much cheaper for the merchants to use. It also has zero chance of there being a charge of a fraudulent user and zero chance of there being a chargeback. Overall, it is a no-brainer that merchants will want to learn Bitcoin. Our Bitcoin-only advertising network provides them not only a way to learn and earn Bitcoin with their website, we also provide them a way to spend any Bitcoin they acquire from accepting it at their business for a business related product they all need constantly (more low cost and effective web advertising).

Cons of Using Crypto Currency

  • There are none
  • I am definitely biased so prospects need to do their own research

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